What a wonderful surprise it was for us to see Cathedral Peak in the Google Tracker Video, showcasing South Africa’s National Parks. Of course we were aware that the Google Tracker had gone up and down Cathedral Peak, we just weren’t sure that we would make it into the final cut. The Google Tracker Movie is described as:

A team of passionate South Africans in partnership with Google Maps have trekked the length and breadth of South Africa to map 170 new trails, six UNESCO World Heritage Sites and all 19 National Parks, in a large 360-imagery collect of the country’s wildest regions.

Of course we should have expected it to make the final cut. Cathedral Peak is, in our opinion, the most beautiful peak in the Drakensberg Mountain range, used as a training ground for those ascending Kilimanjaro, and for the many people who stay at Cathedral Peak Hotel each and every year, as a personal challenge. 

It’s a beautiful video, well worth a watch….

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