The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is a global torch relay embodying humanity’s universal aspiration for peace and harmony. Founded by the late peace activist Sri Chinmoy in 1987, the Peace Torch has visited over 150 nations, touching the lives of millions of people around the globe.

The Peace Run is history’s biggest and longest torch relay event, and serves as a dynamic expression of our hopes and dreams for a better world. Over the course of the Peace Run’s history, the Peace Torch has been blessed by Pope Francis, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, and many more notable figures.

This year, the Peace Run will encircle the globe for the first time, bringing the Peace Torch to every country in the Southern Hemisphere (44 in total). An international team of eight runners representing the Peace Run will visit Southern Africa to conduct a series of Peace Run events at schools and in communities stretching from Cape Town to Victoria Falls covering eight countries.

On Friday September 20th 2019, Cathedral Peak Hotel was delighted to welcome runners taking part in the Peace Run, giving us the chance to support this beautiful initiative for world peace. The Maloti-Drakensberg Park was further awarded the honour of becoming a Sri Chinmoy International Peace Park, dedicating the World Heritage Site to the cause of peace, international friendship and harmony. As a member of the Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossom Park, the Maloti-Drakensberg Park forms part of a worldwide network of more than 800 cities, natural wonders and man- made structures including Mt.Everest, the Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and many more dedicated to world friendship and peace.

To find out where the Peace Torch is now, visit the 2019 Peace Run itinerary here.

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